10 MIND BLOWING Cleaning FACTS That You Should Have Known by Now

10 MIND BLOWING Cleaning FACTS That You Should Have Known by Now

You probably might think that you already know everything about cleaning. That it is simple and straightforward; pull on a pair of rubber gloves, get the soapy water ready and off you go, what could be simpler… What else should you know about a simple task?

Wrong! There’s ALWAYS more to learn about everything, including Cleaning. 

That’s why Cleany brings to you 10 Interesting Facts that might surprise you, providing you a wealth of knowledge that will astound everyone who enters your home even for a few seconds. 

  1. Be careful while cleaning inside your fridge!
    Some cleaning products can affect the taste of your food when used inside your refrigerator.
    Rescue your taste buds! Clean your refrigerator in a way that is safe for your food.
  2. Cleaning gloves are unhygienic.

It is a common tool to prevent ourselves from from germs and dirt. But have you ever wondered what is harboured inside those gloves? It is a perfect place for bacteria to breed as it is warm and moist! Regularly, clean your gloves in hot water with some washing up liquid and ensure they dry entirely before using them to ensure no little critters remain. Alternatively, you can buy Vinyl disposable gloves or Nitrile disposable gloves.

3. Remove permanent marker with toothpaste

Toothpaste is so versatile, so when it comes to removing permanent markers from walls or furniture use toothpaste as it is an abrasive substance that will erase those pesky marks.

  1. Vinegar as a degreaser
    Vinegar can be used around the house in so many ways, including as a degreaser.

You can add a few drops of vinegar to dishwashing soap to blast away unwanted grease and give your dishes extra shine. This is just one of the many, many ways to clean with vinegar.

  1. Dust is mostly made up of dead skin cells and clothing fluff

About 70-80% of dust comes from dead human skin and dust mites. 20-30% of dust comes from fibres from clothes, towels and bedding that have been getting more threadbare over time as well as materials taken in with footwear. Grim but true.

6. Did you know you can cook a sponge?

Not to eat, to clean! Pop a wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes to kill germs and prolong the life of your sponge. Make sure the sponge is very wet; a dry sponge could start a fire!

  1. Smelly freezer? You can eliminate odors with coffee grounds.

Fill up an old sock with coffee grounds, put in the freezer, and breathe easy. You can also do a deeper freezer cleaning to get to the source of the smell.

8. Rubber gloves are awesome pet hair removers!

Rubber gloves are a pet hair magnet! Put on a rubber glove and slide your hand gently over a surface to collect the pet hair.

  1. Germs may live on surfaces for up to 3 days

Germs can live as long as 3 days on moist surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom sinks. On dry surfaces, such as toys and furniture, they can live for several hours. Indeed, Salmonella can live on dry surfaces for at least 24 hours. So, make sure you clean your surfaces rigorously to stop a germ from multiplying vigorously.

  1. Sparkling water removes stains in fabric and carpets

Sparkling water will remove stains in fabrics and carpet, as the carbon dioxide dissolves tannins and dyes from the fibres. More dirt will be removed from the fabric or carpet when the water bubbles profusely. Never rub the fabric or carpet after applying the sparkling water, instead use a cloth to absorb the liquid and always pat in one direction using a circular action. You will get a flawless finish.

Now that you already know amazing facts about Cleaning, you have gained more knowledge to practice thoroughly cleaning in your home!


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