15 Minute Organizing Projects

15 Minute Organizing Projects

Short on time but need to do some organizing?  Break it down into small organizing projects and you’ll find that you can organize even when you don’t have time or energy. Check this 15 minute organizing projects

15 Expert Tips to Help You Organize Your Home in 2021

  1. Desktop Declutter:

    • Clear unnecessary files from your computer desktop.
    • Organize remaining files into folders.
  2. Email Cleanup:

    • Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.
    • Create folders and organize emails into them.
  3. Drawer Organization:

    • Pick one drawer (desk, kitchen, dresser) and declutter it.
    • Toss or donate items you no longer need.
  4. Medicine Cabinet Sort:
    • Check expiration dates on medications.
    • Discard expired items and organize the rest.
  5. Closet Quick-Scan:
    • Go through a section of your closet.
    • Donate or sell items you haven’t worn in the past year.
  6. Paper Purge:
    • Sort through a stack of papers.
    • Shred or recycle what you don’t need.
  7. Tech Clean-Up:
    • Untangle and organize charging cables.
    • Delete unused apps on your phone.
  8. Bookshelf Trim:
    • Remove books you no longer want to keep.
    • Dust and rearrange the remaining ones.
  9. Pantry Check:
    • Toss expired food items.
    • Group similar items together.
  10. Car Cleanup:
    • Remove trash and unnecessary items from your car.
    • Wipe down surfaces quickly.
  11. Jewelry Untangle:
    • Detangle necklaces and organize jewelry.
    • Discard broken or unworn pieces.
  12. Fridge Quick-Check:
    • Toss expired items.
    • Wipe down shelves and drawers.
  13. Tackle a Junk Drawer:
    • Clear out items that don’t belong.
    • Organize what’s left.
  14. To-Do List Update:
    • Review and update your to-do list.
    • Prioritize tasks for the day.
  15. Cord Cleanup:
    • Untangle and organize electronic cords.
    • Label them for easy identification.

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