• DIY Potpourri

    DIY Potpourri

    How to do DIY Potpourri? Creating your own DIY Mason jar potpourri is a fun and easy way to add a delightful fragrance to your home. Here’s a simple recipe for a festive and aromatic potpourri: Ingredients: Dried orange slices Cinnamon sticks Whole cloves Dried cranberries Star anise Bay leaves Vanilla extract (optional) Nutmeg (optional) Read more

  • DIY Exercise Mat Spray

    DIY Exercise Mat Spray

    A lot of us are working out at home right now and are looking for a safe and effective way to clean your exercise or yoga mat. It’s a good idea to wipe down your mat after each use to remove any sweat or germs. So check out this DIY Exercise Mat Spray. Ingredients: 1 Read more

  • How To Clean Appliances

    How To Clean Appliances

    How To Clean Appliances? Cleaning appliances is an essential part of home maintenance to ensure they function efficiently and remain hygienic. Here’s a general guide on how to clean common household appliances: Refrigerator: Unplug the refrigerator or switch it off. Remove all food items. Wipe down shelves, drawers, and interior surfaces with… Read more

  • 15 Minute Organizing Projects

    15 Minute Organizing Projects

    Short on time but need to do some organizing?  Break it down into small organizing projects and you’ll find that you can organize even when you don’t have time or energy. Check this 15 minute organizing projects Desktop Declutter: Clear unnecessary files from your computer desktop. Organize remaining files into folders. Email Cleanup: Unsubscribe… Read more


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