Cleaning tricks that will blow your mind!

Cleaning tricks that will blow your mind!

Household cleaning can sometimes be a challenge, but you can accomplish a lot with quality or natural products. It’s easy and fast! You’ll get amazing results and you probably have everything you need at home. With these home cleaning tricks that will blow your mind, you can leave your house sparkling clean and get rid of stains, germs, bacteria, and dirt that you thought you couldn’t get rid of completely. 

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How to disinfect your blender with white vinegar?5 Ways You're Cleaning Your Blender Wrong (2021 Review) - My Kitchen Culture

Our blenders and mixers are appliances that we use frequently, so we must clean them well to avoid food residues.  White vinegar is very useful when it comes to household cleaning and disinfection. 

If you want to keep them spotless, pour a glass of water and a glass of vinegar, turn them on and let them whisk for a few minutes, then rinse them and use them again!




Keep your washing machine drum clean How to clean a washing machine and how often to do it - TODAY

To keep your clothes impeccable, it is necessary to have a totally clean washing machine, which will prolong its useful life. To clean it, put water, salt, vinegar and baking soda in a bowl. 

Then, with a sponge rub all the internal surfaces and the drum to remove dirt, germs and bacteria that can create mold. Finally, turn on the washer and let it run without soap and bleach.

Bye bye to bad smells in the kitchenAvoid These 13 Mistakes When Renovating Your Dream Kitchen | Architectural Digest

The kitchen is a place where different odors are harbored, due to all the food that is prepared daily.  To eliminate these odors, we recommend burning some eucalyptus leaves with grains of sugar in a pan. You will immediately notice how the bad smells leave your kitchen. 

You can also burn a cinnamon or vanilla stick with brown sugar in a frying pan and boil white vinegar to eliminate fishy odors.


Restore your leather furniture How to Clean Leather Couches, Chairs, and Other Furniture | Architectural Digest

To restore your leather furniture we recommend using colorless shoe polish. The first thing to do is to apply the bitumen on the most worn parts of your sofa, leave it on for a few minutes and then rub with a microfiber cloth to give it shine and remove excess grease.




Remove Rust Stains with Salt and LemonKitchen Hacks: Simple Yet Effective Tips To Clean Your Microfiber Cloths

Rust can be difficult to remove but you can remove it from any item with salt and lemon. Just cut a lemon in two and impregnate one half with salt, this will give a natural and powerful sandpaper effect. Now rub the object you want to remove the rust, it will disappear quickly.




The best smell in your car💳 Cómo obtener un seguro de alquiler de automóvil con su tarjeta de crédito - Tarjetas de Crédito

Do you want your car to always smell good? Buy a coffee grounds cover where the sun shines and that will activate the coffee smell and the car will always smell delicious without the need to buy scents for the car.




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