Deep Clean Your Bathroom In 3 Steps

Deep Clean Your Bathroom In 3 Steps

Let’s face it every time we know we have to clean the bathroom we think about it a thousand times and try to postpone it. Many times, the bathroom cleaning that we do every day is not enough and we need to do a deep cleaning. This blog is going to give you some tips for deep clean your bathroom in 3 steps.

How To Clean Your Bathroom Effectively

Disinfect your bathroom

Disinfectants are essential for cleaning the house. These products protect us from possible infections and leave surfaces very clean; that is why we usually find them in the kitchen and bathroom of any home. The correct application of a disinfectant will kill as many germs as possible, which helps to preserve everyone’s good health. Regular use of high-quality cleaning products, combined with the right methods, can better sanitize your home.

But, How to disinfect a bathroom?

How to Clean a Bathroom: Your Easy Bathroom-Cleaning Checklist

  • Be sure to disinfect places where bacteria are most likely to accumulate Such as the toilet, bidet and faucet rims.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces like the Doorknobs, the sink and the toilet button.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect places where moisture or water sometimes accumulates like the Bathtub, shower and sink.
  • Always rinse with plenty of water to remove disinfectant residues.

How to clean the bathtub?

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Disinfecting the bathtub is essential for a thorough bathroom cleaning. Here is how to do it quickly and effectively:

  • Rinse the bathtub with hot water to remove soap residues and hairs (this is very important so that they do not clog the drain).
  • Run a bath cleaner over the surface and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.
  • Helpful Hint: Clean the grate with baking soda to remove accumulated dirt.

Eliminate toilet scale

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Scale is a very common problem in any toilet, since the water that remains in it easily generates marks. 

  • Regularly use a gel product for toilets.
  • Do a complete cleaning of your toilet at least once a week, using a product containing bleach for disinfection and another one to remove scale.
  • If you need to, you can also add a tartar remover powder or vinegar alone and leave it overnight.
  • Scrub with a pumice stone or melamine sponge to remove any remaining scale deposits.


If you have no idea how to clean a very dirty bathroom, we hope the tips we offer will help you learn how to make your bathroom as good as new. 

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