How To Clean Your Room in 15 Minutes

How To Clean Your Room in 15 Minutes

It’s winter season and we all know what it means: Lazy days, Netflix series & your favorite cup of coffee. However, you know that your bedroom is waiting for you to organize it once and for all. Haven’t done it in a week? Probably two.

Why do you keep pushing it back? When a simple task can be done in less than 20 Minutes!

Here Cleany will provide you the Best tips to handle your cleaning routine! Grab your notes and pay attention.

1. Take a Look & Prioritize.
Take a step back and observe, what is the biggest offender? The first thing that catches your attention, that’s the first item to organize! Grab your trash bag and put everything that no longer serves you inside of it.

2. Do Your Laundry
Once you got everything out of sight, take out your bed clothes and dirty clothes that you wore the whole week (or the last two weeks). Yes, we are talking about the ones you hang over that desk chair. (Gotcha, huh?)
You should clean your bed clothes once a week, preferably in the weekend so in that way you can have a nice and fresh start next week. Nothing better than going to sleep nicely and clean.

3. Dust All Surfaces
Pay special attention to the nightstand and dresser tops. Don’t just dry dust… Use a moist cloth to really swipe up dust and lock it away from resettling. Don’t forget about the tops of mirrors, art and any accessories in the room.

4. Sweep Your Room Floor
Make sure your floor is sparkling by sweeping every corner; under the bed, behind desks and any other furniture. After that, use a wet mop with a sweet fragance and enjoy the nice smell around your room.

5. Wipe/dust the blinds and vacuum the curtains
Usually, most of bateria and dust get stuck between curtains or blinds. The easiest way to combat this is by using a hand attachment with your vacuum to get to the hard-to-get spots.

6. Make Your Bed
The last thing would be remaking your bed with new & cleaned clothes. Now it’s time to prepare yourself to sleep tight & peaceful. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving your space the treat it deserves.

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