How To Keep Your Bedroom Clean

How To Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Our room is the place where we go to relax and sleep, that’s why it is so important to keep it organized and clean at all times as it helps us to start a more positive day. With these tips you can keep your bedroom clean and make it a quiet and tidy area of your home. Of course, if you want your bedroom and your home to be like an oasis of cleanliness and rest, you can hire a cleaning company.

Cleany recommends that you organize your room every week and do a little daily cleaning with small habits that will change your life. That’s why today we bring you these tips on how to keep your bedroom clean.

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Ventilate the room

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It is very important to ventilate the rooms. Therefore, we recommend you to open the window for a quarter of an hour to ventilate the bedroom. We also recommend having a air purifier in your room helps especially in winter when we can not open the windows.

You can also take the opportunity to place the pillows and comforter on the window sill for a few moments. In this way, you will help the sweat we lose when we sleep to disappear and prevent dust mites from reproducing. We don’t want that for anything in the world!



Turn the mattress over from time to time

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Remember the following: when you remove the sheets to put them in the washing machine -we recommend washing at high temperature if they have been used by sick people, to eliminate viruses and bacteria-, take the opportunity to turn the mattress upside down. 

In this way, you will increase the useful life of the mattress -which is around ten years- and it will also make you feel more comfortable for longer when you use it.




Wash the curtains

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We continue with the cleaning of the room. In addition to the bedding, the curtains should also go through the washing machine regularly. They are a real magnet when it comes to attracting dust! That’s why we recommend that you wash them once a month.




Organize your nightstand

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Take out everything you have in the nightstand and throw away what is no longer useful. Organize the drawers and top. Clean the nightstand and organize the items you have on it. Place something important that you may need on top such as your phone, charger, alarm clock, etc.




Vacuum and mop

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Clean the windows and, if you wish, spray your favorite scent of air freshener. Then open all the blinds. Don’t forget to clean your carpets too.





Enjoy your now clean and organized room! Make sure that if you take something out, you put it away. Start a daily routine to make sure your room looks nice.

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