The 2021 FALL Deep Cleaning Survival Guide!

The 2021 FALL Deep Cleaning Survival Guide!

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Summer. Everlasting warm days are now turning into breezy ones, waiting to hit us with not only unpredictable rainy days or allergies but also with dusty blizzards full of tree leaves. 

And you know exactly what that means…

But do not worry a bit! Cleany® is here to assist you with the latest Tips for an easy & manageable Fall Cleaning for you.  

  1. Always Clean and Organize Your Garage
    It’s undeniable that laziness hits us right away when it comes to cleaning the huge amount of dusty boxes in the garage, however it is not impossible to turn it into a dynamic weekly task!
    Firstly, you should organize every similar item into boxes and put them all together in one space of the garage. After having all objects above surfaces, it’s time to sweep or go over the floor with a wet-dry vacuum. Finally, the floor and the whole area is now free from dust and autumn leaves.

2 . Prevent Sickness By Combating Pollen & Bugs
Autumn is the perfect season for allergies to come up and take over us, preventing us from doing our daily routines. However there’s still a way to combat allergies and its most effective way is by getting rid of dust, dander and mold.

Here’s how:



  •  Always make sure to wash your bed clothes every week by using hot water in order to kill dust mites and bacteria.
  • Shampoo your carpets and use your vacuum at least 2 days per week and don’t forget to change your vacuum cleaner bag. 
  •  Remove and clean your drapes and blinds every week.
  • Change your A/C or Heater filter and repeat it every month through the whole season.
  • Clean the surfaces that get continuously moist such as shower enclosures, sinks and floor drains. 


  1. Wipe Down Furnitures in Every Room
    As we already mentioned, dust gets in our way daily and its most common victims are furniture. Thus, our recommendation is to do a Furniture Deep Cleaning at least 3 days per week every -under and over surfaces, inside cabinets, etc- around every room during the whole Autumn season.       
  2. Organize Your Closet
    Sad but true, it’s also time to say goodbye to Summer clothes. If not used, get all the clothes organized by seasons -or weather- and keep the items into a box or bag.

Try to empty every closet and clean dust that has been kept for a long time. Don’t forget that pollen gets into your clothes and dust is easily stored in fabrics.

Last but not least, wash your clothes of the upcoming season to prepare them to be used!  





 If you would like to save yourself time from doing a whole Deep Cleaning, then get your first Cleany® experience with a discount and prepare your home to receive Autumn!

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