These 3 Ideas Will Make Your Bedroom Organizied

These 3 Ideas Will Make Your Bedroom Organizied

It’s a known fact that organizing is a tedious daily labour. Most of us considere it a time-consuming task; therefore, we tend to leave it over there waiting for someone else to do it.

Are you the one that avoids to organize your room daily? Don’t worry! Cleany got your back, these tips are perfect for you!

1. Embrace Minimalism
Even if your space is tidied up, it probably looks like a real mess because of most of items inside of it. That’s why embracing minimalism (as both a lifestyle and a design approach) is one of the best ways to achieve long-term bedroom organization. Think toned-down colors, pared-down prints, less-is-more furniture and simple decor accents.

2. Toss Old Clothing Get rid of every clothing you haven’t touched in years! Number one rule, always toss aside every item that no longer serves you. Take one day to organize your closet, put all of them into a bag and decide if you will be donating them or throwing a garage sale.

3. Get Closet Organizer
Unless you are lucky enough to have a Closet Room, then you will have to get a Closet Organizer by yourself. They come in various sizes, styles and configurations, including options with rod hangers, drawers, shoe storage, hooks, shelves and even built-in hampers. Sometimes, figuring out what type of closet storage you need can put off an otherwise relatively simple project. A closet organizer allows you to get started right away.




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