This is HOW You Get Your House Organized 24/7

This is HOW You Get Your House Organized 24/7

We all have been there… Deep Cleaning our houses once a week and after two days it looks like a mess. It is everlasting! How many cleaning days we need during the week in order to get our houses not only organized but also sparkling?

Are you one of those that it doesn’t matter how many times you clean and organize your home, it doesn’t seem to be thoroughly cleaned? Then don’t worry! We have here the best TIPS for you to tidy up a bit more efficiently.

Kitchen Organizing Items

  1. Stop piling paper!
    Emails, old bills & paperwork… Eventhough it’s not technically dirty, having them all spread out over the table is overwhelming. Try to get organizing boxes and separate them into categories. This will help you to not lose anything valuable & also gives a more suitable look in any room!
  2. Get rid of Items that no longer serve you!
    Sometimes we tend to collect objects, decor items, old clothes that we consider them as precious or meaningful and are hard to get dettached from them. However, remember that LESS is MORE. Having less items in every room can help us to have a better cleaning result.
    Solution: Make a list or take a full day to take count how many objects do you have and you haven’t use them in a while, try to donate them as long as they are clothes or decor items that can be useful for someone else.
  3. Stop saving products already expired!
    It appears as though you’re opening a museum of unused beauty products and expired foods. Gather up all of your excess bottle and cans and be real with yourself as to what you’ll use. Donate what you can and pitch the rest, and say hello to way more cabinet space.

    Organizing Bins & Boxes

  4. Declutter in every room!
    Clutter is any collection of things that are disorganized. Clutter is the opposite of clean. It creates a frenzied, messy appearance in your home. It also creates more work for you. The more things you have, the more things you have to put away. If you want to spend less time picking up and clearing away surfaces, get rid of the clutter! The most important thing about keeping a clean house is having a place for everything. Start small if you must by setting decluttering goals every week. There are even apps for your phone that challenge you to do one decluttering activity a day in just a few minutes.
  5. Do Your Bed!
    You can have a clean bedroom but having an unmade bed makes the entire room look messy! Making your bed brings calm and order to your bedroom. It also feels satisfying slipping into a clean, neat bed with crisp, fresh linens at the end of a hard day. It’s soothing. So maybe consider doing it as a treat for yourself when you are tired later. I’ve learned it only takes five minutes to make my bed.

If you just don’t enjoy cleaning for any reason, don’t worry! Just call Us & we’ll take care of what your home needs.

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