Tips For Keep The House Sparkling Clean With A Toddler

Tips For Keep The House Sparkling Clean With A Toddler

We are always looking for new tips for keeping the house sparkling clean with a toddler since a house with children is usually chaotic: toys all over the rooms, hygiene supplies out of place, food stains, spilled drinks, etc. Although this situation is normal, cleaning is surely one of your priorities. That’s why we offer you some simple household cleaning tips to help you keep the house sparkling clean with a toddler.

Home cleaning is always important and if you have toddlers it is a priority. Here are some tips for how to keep your home clean with a toddler.

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Detect the most used areas

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Even if you clean your home regularly, there are areas with the highest traffic and where children spend the most time. These are the rooms that we have to keep clean and tidy with greater assiduity:

Floor: Whether it is a crawling baby, as if it is older, the floor tends to be the favorite place to play and that is why it must be clean and disinfected.

Kitchen: This is where we cook the food and we must be extremely careful in this area of the house.

Bathroom: Constant use means that we must clean and disinfect it more regularly.

Children’s bedroom: It is important that dust does not accumulate and that it is kept clean.

Create routines

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It will be difficult to set aside several hours a day to clean and organize the whole house; instead it can be easier if you make a weekly calendar where you set aside a few minutes a day to clean the house:

Monday: Dusting, vacuuming and mopping the hall and living room floors.

Tuesday: Clean the bathrooms.

Wednesday: Grocery shopping and kitchen cleaning

Thursday: Change bed linens and clean bedrooms

Friday: Thoroughly clean the living room and windows of the house

Saturday: Put on washing machines

Sunday: Keep everything tidy and rest!

Reduce the decorative elements

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Decorative items are not a good idea in a house with children. In addition to ending up broken or damaged when they fall into the hands of the little ones, they make it difficult to clean the house.

Keep furniture surfaces clear of clutter to prevent them from being picked up and to help with cleaning.






Disinfect responsibly

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Desinfection should be done after a previous cleaning. Taking into account the toxicity of some disinfectant products, we must take the necessary precautions. There are ecological products that are less aggressive with the environment and just as effective, however, we should always keep them out of the reach of children and not fill jars with them, which can lead to confusion and dangerous accidents. It is convenient that when we use bleach in the cleaning of the home, that we dilute them in water and then, we ventilate the rooms. Here is another option for plant-based cleaners.



Incorporate storage furniture



If you want to keep your home tidy, it is essential that you include closets, trunks and boxes to store clothes and shoes, as well as toys, paintings, stories, etc. Place the furniture in the rooms where you need it, teach the children what goes where and how to store it. This will help you maintain order and make cleaning the home easier.

Take advantage of optimal times

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Cleaning at home, when the house is dominated by the little ones, will require you to make a special effort in maintenance tasks and impose small routines, such as taking advantage of the children’s nap time to clean the dust or dedicate a few minutes before going to bed to put everything in its place. A very good idea is to involve your children in some simple tasks, making, for example, the job of picking up their toys part of their daily play. In this way, you will be educating them and believe it or not, you will notice that you can save time, and it is certainly useful, because you probably won’t have a minute to spare!




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