TOP 10 Best & Easiest Deep Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Bathroom Sparkling

TOP 10 Best & Easiest Deep Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Bathroom Sparkling

It is undeniable the fact that cleaning your bathroom is the most time-consuming task of the entire house; however, what if it could turn out to be a stressless Deep Cleaning task? Cleany® provides the best tips by their professionals in the area. Here are the easiest tricks for you to get a quick and easy Deep Cleaning:  

  1. Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of Mold Stains

For those tough mold and mildew stains that won’t go away easily, one of the most known and simple hacks among professionals is to apply baking soda over these stains and let it stay for a few hours. 

2. Remove the Toilet Seat 

Cleaning your toilet wouldn’t be simpler with the help of a toolbox! By just removing the seat and lid on your toilet and then using a screwdriver with the end covered in a disinfectant wipe, it could reach effortlessly to those complicated nooks and crannies. 

3. Use a Dish Brush to Get Rid of Mildew Stains

Combine six cups of warm water and a quarter cup of bleach to create the perfect mold-busting cleaner and scrub down the walls and rinse well with a bucket or a handheld shower head sprayer. 

4. Use Dryer Sheets to Nix Soap Scum

To easily get rid of soap scum, try to reach for a dryer sheet instead of a sponge. In this case, add just a few drops of water to it and gently rub the area. The majority of the scum should be gone in a few seconds after rinsing it with water. 

5. Get Your Mirror’s Shine Back to Life by Using Black Tea

It is really common that every bathroom mirror gets fogged up with water stains, dust and other debris. However, the easiest solution to it is using Black tea! By just combining a cup of boiling water with a few bags of black tea and letting it cool and then wipe it off with a resulting solution. As a result, there will be a spotless surface and your mirror will appear to be just brought out of the store.  

6. Clean Your Shower with Vinegar

Certainly, a most known infallible hack is using White Vinegar to get your shower sparkling for the whole week (and even more!). Heat the vinegar up in the microwave and spray it on while it’s hot. In any case the smells bothers you, it is suggested to add a tablespoon of dish soap to the mixture.    

7. Use Cotton Balls to Clean Troublesome Bathtub Corners  

By just soaking some cotton balls in the tub cleaner of your choice and letting them sit on the edges of your tub overnight, the next morning those tub edges would be completely gone!

8. Baking Soda & Bleach, the Perfect Combination to Combat Grout

To restore your tiles and the spaces between them to their original color: Firstly, apply a paste made out of 3/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup bleach to the grout. Secondly, let it sit for 30 minutes and finally remove it with a scrub brush or cloth to reveal sparkling clean walls or floor.

9. Clean the Shower Curtains

Get the plastic shower curtains and liners into the washing machine with your regular detergent and a few old towels. This will help scrub all the dirt away such as soap scum and mildew. Finally, rehang to dry.

  1. Clean the Bathroom Sink
    Once again, we pour baking soda down the drain and let it sit meanwhile cleaning other items. Finally, rinse it with hot water. Always remember to disinfect every wipe used to significantly reduce bacteria in the area.


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