TOP 5 Best Lightweitht Professional Cleaning Vacuums!

TOP 5 Best Lightweitht Professional Cleaning Vacuums!

It is a well-known fact that Cleaning vacuums have been the ultimate and best creation to get our homes Deeply cleaned . It is now an essential tool for everyone eventhough it’s almost impossible to choose a great and affordable option due to its variety & high demand.

If your old vacuum needs to be replaced or you are looking for a new ideal one, then you should consider these 3 lightweight vacuums used by professional cleaning providers!

Eureka Airspeed Lightweith Vacuum

1. Eureka Airspeed
The Eureka Airspeed compact bagless upright vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight cleaning solution you’ve been waiting for. Its compact design can easily store in a space of any size. This vacuum is packed with features including a detachable handle which connects to the hose and tools for above floor cleaning. The crevice tool and dusting brush store on the vacuum to be within reach during cleaning.


2. Hoover UH
This lightweight and maneuverable vacuum is your answer to whole-home cleaning. It not only lifts and removes deeply embedded dirt but also has a steerable design that allows you to swivel and turn around objects with a flick of the wrist, you’ll clean with power and ease.

Eureka RapidClean Lightweight Vacuum


3. Eureka RapidClean Pro
This vacuum is incredibly versatile and can be used as a stick vacuum, a hand vacuum for above floor cleaning and cleaning the car, or attach the hand vacuum directly to the floor nozzle to easily clean stairs. Its unique design allows to lay completely flat to reach under furniture, and the LED headlights allow you to see the dust and debris that might otherwise be missed. That is why is highly recommended among professional cleaners.

4. Bissell Cleanview 2486
Apart from being very affordable,  this vacuum is full-size upright with wide cleaning path, extension cleaning hose and the set of cleaning tools suitable for cleaning elevated surfaces. It is easy to use and maintain and is designed with low maintenance costs in mind, too. It is suitable as the entry level main vacuum cleaner even in medium to large homes. However, don’t compare its performances with large and more powerful models that also cost several times more.

LG CordZero Lightweight Vacuum

5. LG CordZero
With two batteries and multiple attachments, the CordZero is ready for most anything you can throw at it. It’s an excellent vacuum for daily chores, plus easy-to-use one touch control and a portable charging stand that lets you store and charge anywhere, anytime. It not only lifts effectively dust, but also dirt and pet hair from carpets.


If any case you are not needing a vacuum cleaner, or simply don’t want to spend money on it, just call us and take your days OFF cleaning! Just relax, we do the job!


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