Top 5 Miracle Products To Remove Any Stain

Top 5 Miracle Products To Remove Any Stain

It’s an assured fact that everyone prefer their home sparkling cleaned, however,  there is always a few details that can ruin our cleaning goal. The most common one is having stains on the floor, or painted walls.

If you have one of these stains that are hard to remove, then don’t worry even a bit! Because Cleany is here to help you get those annoying stains completely removed. 

  • Magic eraser: A must in every house if it is easy to remove it will come out the first time. This product is one of the best sellers and we already know why it is easy to use and effective.
  • Good brushes for cleaning: Buying good quality brushes is the main thing to get good results when cleaning textured things.

  • The pink stuff: Pink Stuff is surface friendly yet stain resistant and can be used on pans, countertops, sinks, ceramic tile, glass and much more.
  • Scrub daddy: indispensable for this type of marker stains and paints, easy to use and immediate results without so much effort.
  • Spray cleaner: Final step, use this spray cleaner to make your wall look rebuilt. It is pet and child friendly which is very important when it comes to cleaning products.



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What makes Cleanmate trusted above other cleaning service providers? When you combine higher standards, smarter strategies and superior quality all in one package, the result is top notch.