Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips

Has it ever happened to you that sometimes, no matter how much you clean the window or glazed surface, you notice that it does not look good?  Remains of dirt, mist, grease, matte surface, and dust. Nowadays there are many cleaning products to clean glass, as well as traditional or homemade cleaning products such as ammonia and newspaper or kitchen paper. With these window cleaning tips you will clean like a pro.

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In this blog we give you some tips to clean windows professionally and make them radiant:


  • The glass cleaner is the key tool for professional cleaning. It must be ergonomic since much of the work is manual, it must also be standard to all telescopic sticks and handles on the market.
  • The professional window cleaner allows the change of rubber or lips. The replacement of the rubber lip must be made of rubber or vulcanized natural rubber, since the plastic ones, despite lasting longer, adapt worse to the change of temperatures and tend to produce the step effect (like small jumps) when passing over the surface.
  • It is convenient to clean the crystals on cold or cloudy days, if it is not the case, it is preferable to clean very early. The reason is that the sun or the heat makes the evaporation faster, and normally remains the product or lime of the water, however, in cold or early days the evaporation is slower but more effective.
  • When the window or glass is very dirty we recommend clean with warm water
  • In the crystals at street level, as shop windows, by the passage of cars, etc, the dirt is more impregnated, with what normal liquid clean crystals would not be enough. It is advisable to dilute a little dishwashing liquid or degreaser in a bucket with warm water and to finish the cleaning with the usual window cleaning liquid.
  • the chemical used for the cleaning must have an alcoholic base not soapy, to avoid the remains of mist when finishing.
  • Clean in small areas, for example, do not wait to wet the entire window to dry it later, but wet a small area, dry it, and start with the next area. 

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