Women’s Day Cleaning Tips

Women’s Day Cleaning Tips

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we want to recognise how far women have come in the past century. Then we’ll give you some tips that everyone — regardless of gender — can use when trying to figure out how to reduce anxiety around keeping your house clean while managing a busy and full lifestyle.

Here are some cleaning tips for Women’s Day:

  1. Start with Decluttering: Begin by decluttering your space. Get rid of any unnecessary items to create a clean and organized environment.
  2. Create a Schedule: Make a cleaning schedule for the day, dividing tasks into manageable chunks. Prioritize areas that need the most attention.
  3. Use Natural Cleaners: Opt for eco-friendly and natural cleaning products to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are great alternatives.
  4. Focus on High-Traffic Areas: Concentrate on cleaning high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. These spaces tend to accumulate the most dirt and grime.
  5. Pay Attention to Detail: Don’t overlook the details. Wipe down surfaces, clean under furniture, and dust hard-to-reach areas to ensure a thorough clean.
  6. Organize Storage Spaces: Take some time to organize closets, cabinets, and storage spaces. Donate or recycle items you no longer need to create more space and reduce clutter.
  7. Freshen Up Fabrics: Wash curtains, pillow covers, and rugs to freshen up your space. Consider using scented fabric softeners or essential oils for a pleasant aroma.
  8. Involve the Family: Get the whole family involved in the cleaning process. Assign tasks according to age and ability, making it a team effort.
  9. Reward Yourself: Once the cleaning is done, take some time to relax and reward yourself for your hard work. Treat yourself to a nice bath, a cup of tea, or some well-deserved rest.

Remember, Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s achievements and contributions, so don’t forget to take care of yourself amidst the cleaning tasks. Happy Women’s Day!

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